When to Cry over Spilt Milk: Thoughts on Harvey Milk Day

Written by Kyle Poulin on .

Remembering our past is an integral part of advancing our future; we need to see the good we’ve done and use it to inspire us to make unrelenting progress. How much has the LGBT community progressed since Harvey Milk was ardently advising all young people to come out for themselves, and in turn, each other?

IYRTP: The Alternate Universe in Which Light Rail Solves All the Region's Problems

Written by Max Shapiro on .

Whatever’s Fueling the Support for Light Rail, It’s Not the Facts

According to Jesse Scaccia, light rail is our last best chance to live like a region. It's a cute thought, but that’s all it is, cute. If you think building light rail is a path to regionalism, then you must place regionalism above having a public transit system that actually moves people to work and play without the use of cars. As I’ve said over and over and over again, light rail is bad for public transit.

IYRTP: Love Will Find a Way

Written by Mike Rau on .

Love will find a way

I want to start today’s column with an expression of my deepest heartfelt congratulations to Tim Bostic and Tony London on the occasion of their wedding. After all the years together in a committed relationship, all the while having to deal with the hatred inflicted upon them by those with small minds and callous hearts, their marriage represents a triumph for humanity.

IYRTP: First Amendment Rights Take a Hit in Norfolk

Written by Max Shapiro on .

Norfolk Votes to Censor Public Comment At Council Meetings


There goes the last bit of faith I had in anyone on Norfolk’s city council. By a unanimous decision with Councilman Protogyrou, council voted to give Mayor Fraim nearly unlimited power to censor and have forcibly removed speakers who he disagrees with or who he feels are being disrespectful. Read the new rules here. They don’t apply to council. That means Riddick can threaten you with bodily harm, but you can’t tell him he is a corrupt tax-scofflaw who once hit a woman in the face with a ham. If you did say something like that, Fraim could cut you off and have you accosted by police officers and dragged from the podium.

Helping Ex-Prisoners Stay Ex-Prisoners in Virginia

Written by Ali Mislowsky, Noura Bayoumi, Kevin Lata on .

When Oludare Ogunde was released after serving 18 years in prison, he found that ex-convicts encounter barriers as daunting as prison walls when they try to re-enter society.

“Society makes it impossible for you to make it right when they block every possible opportunity you can get,” said Ogunde, who started an organization to help former inmates.

Guns are Used in Most Suicides in Virginia

Written by Kelsey Callahan & Lyndsey Raynor on .

In 2012, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve shot himself in the head at a shooting range in Colonial Heights after renting a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson. The sound of gunshots at shooting ranges is pervasive. But the sound of suicide is becoming more common than anyone would hope for. And it is happening all over the country.