Planned Parenthood Funding Once Again at Risk

Written by Dana Carlson for Capital News Service on .

RICHMOND -- Virginia could be the next state to defund Planned Parenthood if a budget amendment proposed by pro-life Delegate Bob Marshall, R-Manassas, gains traction in the Senate budget.

New Laws Protecting Animals in Virginia

Written by Jessi Gower on .

With the 2013-2014 Virginia General Assembly session officially complete, animal activists and lovers around the state can celebrate the legislative passage animal-related bills received over the past few months.

Dispatch from the Tide Extension Public Hearings

Written by Erwin Farrow on .

Reading Old Dominion University’s daily announcements, the headline, “Do You Want Light Rail to Connect to ODU?” lured me in. I took the bait. I wasn’t thinking of ODU per se but, being a Ghent resident, I imagined the possibility of a route for the Tide in close proximity to my apartment. Further inspection revealed the ultimate aim of this proposed “connection” – a Light Rail alignment linking to Naval Station Norfolk.

Citizen’s Guide: Engaging the light rail extension debate

Written by Grant Cothran on .

Last week, HRT released maps showing 8 primary alignment concepts for an extension of The Tide to Naval Station Norfolk. The alignment concepts include multiple options, resulting in 19 total alternatives. As an informed citizen, you may feel overwhelmed about where to begin.