If You Read the Paper: An Iffy Deal Gets Worse for Norfolk

Written by Mike Rau on .

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen this game played before? An “economic development” project - usually a so-called “public/private partnership” - that’s highly touted by the business and political establishment, and already contains significant costs to taxpayers, turns out to be a measurably worse deal than how it was originally presented?
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Dreams of Snorting Shots of Fireball in Virginia, Dashed

Written by Sarah Drury on .

The federal government this week approved a powder that can turn a glass of water into an alcoholic drink, but it’s unlikely that Virginians will be enjoying instant margaritas anytime soon: The Virginia General Assembly has passed legislation to outlaw the product in the commonwealth.

If You Read the Paper: VB Stadium is too small to attract big team

Written by Zack Miller on .

VB Stadium is too small to attract big team. 


I love the idea of having a huge stadium in Norfolk-Virginia Beach. It just has to be built big enough. Not only is the proposed area for the stadium a poorly accessible dead end of a highway, but the arena itself is simply too small. There likely isn’t a team that would be willing to relocate to a new stadium that has such a small seating capacity. Most arenas in the NBA have around 19 or 20,000 seats, with the lowest being in Sacramento, at around 17,000. The VB Stadium would only hold 15,500, and that's simply not worth it to a huge NBA franchise to relocate. 

VCU Protesters Show Support for Beaten U.Va. Student

Written by Craig Zirpolo on .

Virginia Commonwealth University students marched and staged a die-in Wednesday in solidarity with Martese Johnson, a black University of Virginia student who was injured when Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents arrested him outside a pub in Charlottesville.

It's Electric: New Branding, Public Art Festival, & Neon Exhibit to Light up the NFK Arts District

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

Neon guides an airplane home after its long journey through the sky. Neon shines brightly through the cold--brighter than almost any other form of light. Neon is the manifestation of the fierce goodness of a Jedi, and the salient evil of a Sith. Liquid neon works as a cryogenic refrigerant; it can keep part of you alive forever. The only color emitted by pure neon is red, the color of passion, the color of love, the color of the blood that makes our hearts beat fast.
Neon is perpetually the color of the future. The NEON is the official new branding of the Norfolk Arts District.

Pick-Up Location, Virginia: UBER is Officially Legal

Written by Kevin Lata on .

After operating under a temporary agreement for the better part of a year, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft now have a law allowing them to transport passengers in Virginia after Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed a bill that sets licensing procedures and standards for drivers.