Celebrate Earth Day in Hampton Roads

Written by Zachary Jarjoura on .

Earth Day is right around the corner on April 22nd but, as many of you know, Earth Day becomes Earth week and often Earth month! There are many events going on across Hampton Roads over the next couple of weeks related to Earth Day and below I've included several.

IYRTP: It's Good to Be Ronnie Boone, Sr. in Norfolk, VA

Written by Christopher O'Brien on .

Lots going on in the world today! Norfolk’s building inspectors are a joke, people be stealin’ identities at Virginia Wesleyan, the Wu makes an appearance, along with volcanoes, and the premier of the Armadillo Beat! If armadillos be the food of love… ew, gross.
Whatever, just read on for more from Chris and Laura Watkins!

IYRTP: What, exactly, constitutes excessive force?

Written by Mike Rau on .

What, exactly, constitutes excessive force?

The story of a 17 year-old who was “non-compliant” when asked by some cops to get out of a car during a traffic stop, which subsequently turned up a bunch of pot, and who was then tazed and pepper sprayed by police, has been making the rounds in local media, and thanks to the viral nature of the Internet, has gained notice elsewhere because of cell phone video taken of the incident showing the teen in agony.

IYRTP: Local Success Story Ynot Italian Expands to Richmond

Written by Zack Miller on .

The news of Ynot expanding to open stores in Richmond is an outstanding example of how this process should go down. Expanding into new territory is a major decision for any small business. Stars have to align, and the timing and execution have to be perfect. Move too early, and you risk diluting and destroying the brand image you’ve worked so hard to build. Move too late, and your customers have satisfied their demand elsewhere.

If You Read the Paper: NFK/VB Outlet Mall Blues

Written by Mike Rau on .

Some weekends, it's nice to try and stay away from the madness and mayhem of everyday life. I've always thought of Easter weekend as a time to celebrate by peacefully chilling out.
Nonetheless, the world continues to turn, which means that there are things to think about and stories to read: