An Education by Sea in Wachapreague

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

Rick Kellam, owner and operator of Broadwater Ecotours, has roots on the Shore that run six generations deep. They lived on the Barrier Islands back when they had grand hotels and hosted the likes of Walter P. Chrysler and President Grover Cleveland. Those towns have since been washed away, leaving one of the most pristine natural areas in North America.

Intersection of Beautiful Things: Business Consortium for the Arts Makes Ground-Altering Art Happen

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

Inspiration might be free, but things like paint, neon, and electricians sure aren't. Behind much of the great art produced throughout history are patrons that made it possible. In the case of the NEON District, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the Business Consortium for Arts Support, who have been the financial force behind what will become some of your favorite public art projects in Hampton Roads.

Create Portsmouth Now and Fall for Portsmouth: Celebrating Our Community

Written by Niki Park on .

The cold-caller’s rapid sequence of thoughtful questions made the conversation play out like a press interview.

“So, what got you started? How long have you been in existence? How were you able get the sponsorship that you received?” Other questions were more personal, “How long have you lived in Portsmouth? Did you attend public school in the city?”

For the Love of Ferals: Alley Cat Allies' Becky Robinson

Written by Erika Seichrist on .

When Becky Robinson was young and growing up in central Kansas her family started a humane society for “barn cats.”(At the time, the term “feral”wasn’t part of anyone’s vocabulary.) Becky and her family knew that these barn cats didn’t need rescuing; they lived in a colony but weren’t socialized to humans. Also during this time, vets weren’t spaying or neutering cats until 6 months of age.

Like Seeing Color for the Very First Time: NEON Festival Cheat Sheet

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Justin Fugett had never seen colors before he came to the NEON District.


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Colorblind since birth, Justin had recently acquired special glasses that allow his eyes to see the full spectrum of shades. He decided that the first time he saw the rest of the light would be in front of the mural painted by Alex Brewer on Glass Wheel Studio.