Because Every Child Deserves Basic School Supplies: Please Help Stuff the Bus

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

A couple of winters ago, school officials noticed a striking dip in school attendance at PB Young Elementary in the Young Terrace neighborhood of Norfolk. What was wrong? What was keeping the children away from education, the clearest path out of the poverty they were born into?
"We realized that the children didn't have winter coats and that was stopping them from coming to school," I remember Sarah Bishop from the United Way telling me. "It's that basic. The kids needed coats, so we got them coats, and they came back to school."

Ten Things You Didn't Know about Cape Henry Lighthouse

Written by Lauren Gwaley on .

In the midst of a very active Virginia Beach military base stands two lighthouses, 350 feet from each other. It is common when a lighthouse is no longer active it is torn down and replaced, but the stone lighthouse atop the dune is one of the oldest remaining lighthouses in the country.

United States Coast Guard: Risking Their Lives to Save Lives

Written by William Hazel on .

It is a maritime tragedy of such proportion that you might mistake it for something straight out of the 19th Century. A massive ship breaking into pieces, almost an entire crew lost within plain sight of rescuers, and all unfolding only about 30 miles off shore. It didn’t happen in the 1800s, though. It happened in 1983.

Paws and Effects: Local Pets Seeking People

Written by Skye Zentz on .

Welcome to Paws and Effects, our new weekly adoptable pet column for all of you out there looking for some more love/purring/drool/companionship in your lives--AND for all of us who just need to look at cute pups and kitties (and maybe even some bunnies, guinea pigs, etc!) every once in a while. 

IYRTP: Good People Doing Good Things in Hampton Roads

Written by Mike Rau on .

This week, instead of the usual, I want to focus on some stories about good people doing good things, and since the Pilot has taken the time to share these nice stories about people in our community, I’d like to make sure you get a chance to read them, too.

Dutch Dialogues: Virginia Life At Sea Level

Written by City of Norfolk on .

Slover library was buzzing with innovative ideas that inspired city officials in Norfolk and Hampton to advance regional agenda last week as Dutch Dialogues: Virginia Life at Sea Level wrapped up. A team of planners, engineers and architects from the Netherlands studying flooding in areas of Hampton and Norfolk presented their ideas for long-term solutions.

IYRTP: Virginia Wesleyan College's Gross Treatment of a Rape Victim

Written by Laura Watkins on .

We missed you guys! We hope you missed us. Well, even if you didn't we're back with another set of delicious local news, including Virginia Wesleyan's... odd... demands in its current sexual assault case, fancy people eating fancy food in a less-than-fancy place, and of course, the Swiftybeat!

Movement on the Water: Groundbreaking for Waterside Live! Announced

Written by City of Norfolk on .

The City of Norfolk and The Cordish Companies are excited to announce the groundbreaking of Waterside Live!. The event is scheduled for August 26th and will be a milestone for Norfolk as it marks the beginning of a new era for Waterside. Representatives from the City of Norfolk as well as The Cordish Companies will be in attendance at the site of the future entertainment district.