Norfolk’s New Parklet Program Gaining Momentum: Norfolk Live

Written by Robert Pursell on .

Norfolk’s new parklet program has been that catalyst for some street activity in Downtown Norfolk recently as one parklet popped up in the Arts District on Granby Street, another has been built a few blocks south on Granby Street, while one more is situated at another location downtown.

Norfolk Attempts to Make Up for Its "Footloose" Past

Written by Release on .

Norfolk City Council approved a new special event permit which provides an opportunity for private businesses to host public parties in a safe environment. A team of city staff and business owners developed the permit after public safety issues arose at several holiday parties last year.

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam: An LGBT Ally Legend

Written by Kirsten Bokenkamp on .

There’s a lot for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Virginians to be celebrating this year. As Virginians raise a glass to gaining the freedom to marry, and come together to create more positive change, it’s important to remember and honor the extraordinary people who work hard every day to make Virginia a place that is welcoming and inclusive. 

Breaking free from the Chains: Coming out as Transgender

Written by Kirsten Bokenkamp on .

“Living in the closet is like living in chains and shackles, and when you finally come out and make your disclosure, it’s like the chains and shackles have come off and out of the dungeon and you’re in the beautiful and bright sunlight – and you finally get to be who you are. I never understood how significant that was until I went through the transition." 

- Donna Price, Hampton Roads resident and U.S. Navy veteran who recently transitioned to living fully as a woman.

On Having a Child with Food Allergies on Halloween: The Teal Pumpkin Project

Written by Crissie Reichert on .

I’m a mother and absolutely love sharing my favorite holiday with my kids. The experience of my first two children very much mimicked mine, and we spend weeks preparing for Halloween each year. And then a few years ago, we learned that our third and youngest child has life-threatening nut allergies, and Halloween suddenly became scary, but for the wrong reason.

What Norfolk Wants from Richmond

Written by Release on .

The public comment period for Norfolk’s Draft 2015 Legislative Priorities is open and citizens are encouraged to review and provide their input.

Video: Lost Norfolk Architecture

Written by AltDaily on .

There's a whole brilliant city that's already been torn down, never to return, here in Norfolk.

Rolling Toward the Future of Norfolk on Two Wheels

Written by BC Wilson on .

About 3 years ago I wrote a piece for AltDaily where I presented a Google map created by local bicycle enthusiasts. It’s purpose was to provide a place for cyclists to inscribe their favorite routes through the city in order to inform others of how we were getting around. After a few months, thanks to a number of contributors, we had the beginnings of an interesting route map.

Benefits of Restored Chesapeake Bay at $130B Annually, According to CBF Report

Written by Release on .

A first-ever analysis released today by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) finds that the economic benefits provided by nature in the Chesapeake Bay watershed will total $130 billion annually when the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, the regional plan to restore the Bay, is fully implemented. The Economic Benefits of Cleaning Up the Chesapeake also reveals that in Virginia those annual benefits will approach $50 billion.

Letter: Ebola and Compassion in the 757

Written by Christine Marie Rucker on .

There’s news that moves us for better and worse, and there is news we can only watch passively. We watched the details documenting the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria are the main victims of the 2014 Ebola outbreak. 

Local History: The Wreck of the Jennie Hall

Written by Leslie A. Clements on .

A nor’easter bore down on the coast of Princess Anne County, now Virginia Beach, on December 20, 1900. That night a schooner named the Jennie Hall traveled up Virginia’s coast and into the storm’s path, and one of the most heroic rescues in Virginia’s history followed.