Mimsy: To Sense Worth

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The freshman release from this group of fresh-faced songsters dishes pop sparklers left and right for an album that is as fun as it is artful.
Mimsy On the surface writing a pop song seems simple. Instrumental dexterity, harmonic complexity, and several other four-syllable concepts are not only not recommended they’re actively discouraged. A few clever lines and a catchy melody is all you need, right? If that were the case, there’d be a lot more tunes like the Five Stairsteps’ “Ooh Child.”
If that were the case, there’d be a lot more songs like Mimsy’s “Ponte Vecchio” and “913” and “Hey, Joe.” The latter song’s title highlights the hinge where the band finds its worth: the intersection of traditional pop forms and Mimsy.
While much of To Sense Worth is upbeat and happy, the instrumental intro--and outro--and the title track hint at not exactly a sadness under the surface, but more of an acknowledgement that life isn’t always sunny pop songs. Perhaps more so than others, with a band like Mimsy the focus falls on its two frontmen who exchange bass and guitar like siblings sharing T-shirts: Calen Mims and James Kelley. But hiding in the margins and rests is drummer Christopher Cordell. You’ll rarely hear anything flashy or tricky from him, but Cordell’s drumming is what makes this band work.
Mimsy is certainly a song-oriented band but they put forth just the right amount of instrumental dexterity to keep it interesting. Their songs sound like songs you’ve heard before, but lying in wait are harmonies just complex enough to keep the main melody line honest. The sincerity of Mimsy’s vocal delivery outshines the need to push and pull at the meaning of the lyrics, and while Mims the man sheepishly admits his guitar can get a little loud sometimes, this suite of pop songs hints at longer, dirtier, guitar-driven tracks in the not-so-distant future.   
For now we have tracks like “Ponte Vecchio”. . .
And a great album of great songs.

For more information check out the Mimsy’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mimsyband
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