Laureate: These Sounds are Reminiscent

Written by Megan Rader on .

For those of us that pack the NorVa every time bands like Taking Back Sunday and Bayside book a show, or travel a few extra miles to experience a similar nostalgia-soaked spectacle that takes us back to our years of careless fun and angsty love, Laureate is the band you’ve been hoping for.

Local Acts We Love: Zach Gehring's Demons

Written by Megan Rader on .

Coming off of a national tour is probably challenging for most musicians. It’s usually a time for rest, relaxation, and bringing your focus back to the daily rituals that control the rest of us. Unless your name is Zach Gehring and you decide to couple the end of a tour with the release of your new band, Demons. 

Review of Idina Menzel – Chrysler Hall August 26, 2015

Written by Penny Neef on .

I wondered who was going to show up Wednesday night at Chrysler Hall to see Idina Menzel perform. The 8:00 pm start time seemed late for little girls dressed up in blue Elza gowns to hear the Oscar winning song, “Let It Go.” There were a few little girls there, but they had to wait until the finale to hear that song--more about that later.

Breaking Benjamin Sell Out the NorVa on August 18, 2015

Written by Beth Austin on .

Under a rain threatening gray sky, you could see the line stretch down Monticello Avenue way before the doors opened for this sold out show. The fans of Breaking Benjamin were clearly not messing around, and were going to claim their show watching real estate even if it meant standing in a seriously long line, or in the rain.

Fandom of the Opera: TOI Brings "The Marriage of Figaro" to Norfolk

Written by Laura Watkins on .

They sit beside you in rush hour tunnel traffic, order after you at Handsome Biscuit, and share your taste in local craft beer. By day, they brew your coffee, teach (or deliver) your children, or sell you an iPhone; by night, they join together to recreate some of the most divine music ever written.