This Weekend: The Colley Avenue Music And Arts Festival

Written by Karla Espino on .

Living in Norfolk there is no doubt that there are plenty of musically and artistically inclined individuals, and that’s what I love about it. There is a sense of community between different creatives, and every weekend you know there will be live music somewhere in the city.

Chatting Up: Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim

Written by Brittany Slay on .

Matt and Kim, (Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino), bring magical things for fans—namely, their brand new album, New Glow, (out 4/7) and a headlining tour stopping by the NorVa on April 15th.

22 Reasons to Check Out the VA International Tattoo

Written by Penny Neef on .

I am from the Motor City. I may have mentioned that in previous postings. I thought a tattoo was some ink that hurt. Never heard of a musical/military tattoo until I arrived in Hampton Roads two years ago. I finally got a chance to go. You should go too.

5 Local Bands You Need to be Listening to Right Now

Written by Nicholas Rayfield on .

As you (should) already know, Hampton Roads has an overwhelming amount of talent amongst its seven cities — which ends up being both a good and a bad thing. Too often are awesome bands overlooked because of the vast number of local bands from the area.