Big Time Open Air Music Festival Coming to Suffolk?

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

Music festivals have a way of taking out-of-the-way places and making them into major cultural destinations. A Maury High grad has a vision for just such a one-day open air live music event that could--if executed well--turn into Hampton Roads' version of Firefly or, eventually, Bonnaroo. 

Exit Interview: Chris Reed, aka OH!BOY

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

If you've danced yourself into a sweaty mess in Hampton Roads over the past decade, chances are at least one--or many--of those nights the rhythms were selected by Chris Reed, aka OH!BOY.

The Empty Intimacy: A Q&A with Rise Against

Written by Christopher Belcher on .

They have been a band and have toured the world for 15 years. They have been on independent and major labels. They are die hard PETA supporters, have stood up for animal rights, and have stayed true to their roots. They are also...

Bombadil. So hot right now. Bombadil.

Written by Grant Cothran on .

Bombadil, my favorite ‘discovery’ of 2014, is playing The Parlor on Granby this Thursday (10/9), 8 pm. I agree with whoever wrote the wiki entry describing Bombadil as a folk-pop act, “known for their creative and heartfelt lyrics, quirky and diverse sound, and engaging live show.

The Best Albums of 2014

Written by David Paul Kleinman on .

While Taylor Swift ttyl’d Spotify and U2 frat-boy’d iTunes, Music with a capital “M” continued at the brisk pace our neutral internet allows.

Dreams of 35th Street: Opening Nite

Written by Brittany Slay on .

35th Street gave me a weird impression the first time I saw it back in 2012 after moving to the area. It seemed to have a lot of history, but looked like it needed a lot of love. I remember the driving around the area, looking for a place to live, and picturing what it might have looked like fifty years ago.