The Love You Make: A Review of Paul McCartney at Firefly

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

Back in junior high and high school The White Album was the Bible to my friend Mike Fish and I. It taught you everything you needed to know about life. It taught us how to make it in a marriage (sing Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da), how to make it through a fight with someone you care about (see the love there that's sleeping), how to be a good son (sing a song of love), how to fuck (do it in the road), how to fight for love (burst in stinking of gin), how to deal with the blues (remember you're of the universe), and even how to have a revolution (free your mind instead).

Phish: Amsterdam

Written by David Paul Kleinman on .

Towards the end of the first disc of Phish’s new box set, Amsterdam, the band plays their best version of “Billy Breathes,” a tender ballad about Trey Anastasio’s daughter.

Unlocking the Enigma of Glass Animals

Written by Tyler Warnalis on .

This Friday June 12th, the Oxford UK band Glass Animals comes to town to play the Norva. Steeped in sonic references to soul, R&B, hip hop, and psychedelia, the band mystifies me, and I want to know more about their approach, their angle, and what to expect when they grace us with their presence amidst an extensive tour taking them to clubs across North America and Europe, as well as almost all of the biggest summer festivals spanning those continents.

Midnight North: Scarlet Skies

Written by David Paul Kleinman on .

Ever wonder what the Grateful Dead would have sounded like fronted by Phil Lesh? Or what the Dead would have sounded like with Bonnie Raitt or Melissa Etheridge or Emmylou Harris sharing lead vocal duties?

Cloud Nothings: Playing Here at LAVA Music Festival

Written by Jacki Paolella on .

Playing LAVA Fest this year has opened a lot of doors for Wyteshayds, one of them being that we got to interview and say our piece about some of the fantastic bands on the lineup this years. We were all particularly stoked about Cloud Nothings.

Band on Band: Wyteshayds Talks to Kishi Bashi

Written by Jacki Paolella on .

I first heard about Kishi Bashi through Todd Webb while working on a Seamonster release in 2012. I'm a huge Of Montreal fan, so hearing that a member of OM had just recently moved back to Norfolk was exciting to say the least. 

First Person: with Hampton Roads Philharmonic at Fort Monroe

Written by Crystal Graves on .

Fort Monroe in the early evening is a downright bucolic scene. There might be a soccer game going on, people will be fishing off the bridges and walking their dogs, and if it’s a Tuesday night, you might hear the sounds of a symphony orchestra coming from inside the moat--that would be the Hampton Roads Philharmonic.