They've Come a Long Way Since Playing Cogan's: Coheed and Cambria's Travis Stever

Written by Josh Coplon on .

Coheed and Cambria will be returning to Norfolk on December 4th to perform at night six of the absolutely wonderful 96X Winter Meltdown. If you’re just now hearing about this, it’s unfortunately too late as the show was just announced officially sold-out the other day. This was also the 4th show of the meltdown to sell-out, with others likely close behind.

AltDaily Saves the World From GWAR at The NorVa: You're Welcome.

Written by Jeff Hewitt on .

I quite honestly don't know what to say. There are certain promises implied by the concept of reality.

That things which go bump in the night will limit themselves to tenebrious hours. That they will stay safely contained along the mad edges of perception, skittering away at the suggestion of light so that decent, clean folk may go about the business of living safe, industrious lives.

Navigating November with Laureate

Written by Megan Rader on .

Back in September you were introduced to Laureate, the new local act that has been throwing themselves into the music scene around Hampton Roads. They conquered The Norva at their debut show in September, and generously played a free show a few weeks back at The Munster House.

NEON Festival Playlist by LAVA Music Festival

Written by Josh Coplon on .

With the NEON Festival right around the corner, there is truly a lot to look forward to. Below are some of the standout tracks from nearly all of the bands performing over October 15th and 16th

At O'Connors: Psychadelia, Southern Gothic, and Country Jams - A Review of the Mirrors, Susto, and the Futurebirds

Written by Jeff Hewitt on .

Certainly some barbaric sliver of my inner bastard yearns to write a piece so brutal, so blindingly scathing, that it chases a band not only out of town but entirely out of the music business altogether. To craft a collection of words so vile that it summons forth the furiously indignant shade of Hendrix. Setting their instruments ablaze while we all cackle with unsuppressed glee. Roasting staypuffs over the smoldering remains of their o'erpriced Gibsons.

Big Virginia Sky: More “Rye Whiskey,” Please

Written by Jim Roberts on .

I’ve listened to Big Virginia Sky’s self-titled record more times than I normally would before writing a review, partly because I like bluegrass music—and theirs is really good—but mostly because I’ve struggled to find a delicate way of saying the lead singer is just … average.