Washed Out: More than just Portlandia’s Theme Song

Written by Alison Burdick on .

Washed Out. If you haven’t heard of them, chances are you’ve heard their music in the background of your life (especially if you’re a fan of IFC network’s Portlandia) and just never realized whom it was playing the pleasant, dreamy, yet danceable tune.

Tour of a Haunted House: We Never Sleep

Written by 757Electronica on .

“I don’t think anyone around here knows who I am.”

A statement from JD of We Never Sleep that while conducting our interview on the 20th of April at first struck me as a polite attempt at humility and then upon a bit of reflection annoyed me as a local music lover.

Lake Street Dive: Music School, Good Hair and Intense Pickle Doritos

Written by Skye Zentz on .

They're jazzy! They're soulful! They're rockin', and they've even got some good clean down home twang. They are Lake Street Dive, the 4-piece Brooklyn indie pop outfit, originally from Boston who, just this year, have gone from shows at Tap House to The Ellen Show, Letterman and the Colbert Report.

Mimsy: To Sense Worth

Written by David Paul Kleinman on .

The freshman release from this group of fresh-faced songsters dishes pop sparklers left and right for an album that is as fun as it is artful.

What is it about Phish? (1)

Written by jESiO on .

Birds of a Feather were flocking at Portsmouth’s NTELOS Wireless Pavilion last night as locals’ favorite jam band Phish started their two-night run.

Pack The Plot for New Norfolk Anthem

Written by Release on .

For the first time in its 332-year history, the City of Norfolk has an official anthem -- and citizens can help the song take shape in a new music video.