Bombadil. So hot right now. Bombadil.

Written by Grant Cothran on .

Bombadil, my favorite ‘discovery’ of 2014, is playing The Parlor on Granby this Thursday (10/9), 8 pm. I agree with whoever wrote the wiki entry describing Bombadil as a folk-pop act, “known for their creative and heartfelt lyrics, quirky and diverse sound, and engaging live show.

Steve Earle Comes Home (Kind Of) For “Stories” Tour

Written by Jim Roberts on .

When Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin take the stage Thursday night at the Sandler Center, it will be Colvin’s second time in Hampton Roads since April, when she headlined the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival. For Earle, it will be his first time in the area since 2001—and his first time ever playing Virginia Beach.

Dreams of 35th Street: Opening Nite

Written by Brittany Slay on .

35th Street gave me a weird impression the first time I saw it back in 2012 after moving to the area. It seemed to have a lot of history, but looked like it needed a lot of love. I remember the driving around the area, looking for a place to live, and picturing what it might have looked like fifty years ago.