Give it to Me Fresh: A Guide to the Farm Markets of Hampton Roads

Written by Melissa Baumann on .

Truth: If every family in Hampton Roads spent just $10 a week on local food, $384.2 million dollars would be funneled back into our local economy - that’s a lot of cheddar. When you buy from farm markets, you’re putting that money right back into the hands of family farmers, local watermen and mom and pop businesses. They will, in turn, take it right back and plant it in the community we all share.

55 Craft Beer Options Coming to Granby: Brick Anchor Brew House

Written by Mark Harris on .

Walking around Granby Street downtown has long been one of my favorite strolls in Hampton Roads.  I come from a relatively small town and I still find myself in awe of tall buildings; I walk around wide-eyed and face to the sky like it's my first trip to New York City.

Exit Interview: Chef Chris Hill

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

Chef Chris Hill has been a staple in the Hampton Roads food business for many years, with his frequent appearances on The Hampton Roads Show, opening the 3 Way Cafe in Norfolk and founding The Bachelor Kitchen. But he is now saying goodbye to the area as he returns home to Atlanta to explore new experiences and horizons.

Denbigh: A Hidden Foodie Heaven in Newport News

Written by David Paul Kleinman on .

The pinch isn’t whether you can plan a culinary tour of Denbigh, but whether you can work every delicious spot into your jaunt and whether the cops will treat you kindly when you're passed out in the middle of Warwick Boulevard with a belly full of food.

How to Virginia Beer Festival the Right Way

Written by AltDaily on .

There are over 125 beers you can sample at the Virginia Beer Festival, taking place both Saturday and Sunday in Town Point Park, as part of the Virginia Arts Festival. Beer Fest is genuinely one of the best things about living in Hampton Roads: the water, the weather, the suds, the ferry coming and going, Downtown looming, and one of the most positive vibes you'll find on the East Coast.