A Review of Toast

Written by BC Wilson on .

The dynamic duo of David Hausmann and John Porter has created another quirky winner for Norfolk.

Good Coffee as a Way of Life: Three Ships Lands in Virginia Beach

Written by Jesse Scaccia on .

If you're looking to start a business in Virginia Beach, your surest bet is to find a little spot near the Oceanfront, import some tourist catnip junk you can sell for $2 more than you bought it, and be another shameless brick in the wall between Virginia Beach's unique, folksy, Southern beach community past and its homogenous, anywhere-in-America future.
Brad Ewing is a smart guy. He's well aware of this. But, to him and his wife, who are opening their Three Ships Coffee flagship at 1703 Mediterranean Ave., it's worth the risk to foster something unique if it means helping give his hometown a charge of community and craft.