They Already Picked Us: Green Flash Brewing Company is coming to Virginia Beach

Written by Mark Harris on .

Our courtship of a major west coast brewery is becoming something like a romantic comedy. While we are waiting to see if the hot girl will go to the prom with us, we haven’t noticed that our best friend has been waiting with us the whole time. She is just as pretty (albeit a little less boisterous) and has already picked us. Green Flash Brewing Company is coming to Virginia Beach and a lot of people have hardly noticed. No anticipation, no parlour tricks; it’s really happening.

Stone Brewing Delays Norfolk Decision

Written by AltDaily on .

The latest, directly from the team at Stone Brewing Co. regarding their choice of an east of the Mississipi location.

10 Unbeatable Downtown Norfolk Restaurants

Written by Mira Roberts on .

There you are, new to town and just cozying into your swanky, downtown neighborhood when-bam-hunger strikes. True, you can't walk a block downtown without bumping into your new favorite restaurant and/or hangout, but we know you like the scoop in advance. And you want THE BEST.

Farm to Fork 2014

Written by Release on .

Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads will host 4th annual Farm to Fork local food celebration on Sunday, September 21st from 3-6pm at the Virginia Tech Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

Why Macarons Are the New Cupcakes

Written by Morgan Stroyeck on .

Recently in the dessert world cupcakes have enjoyed a resurgence, garnering a reputation as the superior sweet—bypassing their large, cumbersome cousin Birthday Cake as the go-to baked good.