Virginia Beach Restaurant Association Celebrates 10th Annual Restaurant Week

Written by Release on .

Ten years. Ten days. Prices starting at $10 and a start date of January 10. The Virginia Beach Restaurant Association will celebrate ten years of its most famous event when it hosts the annual Virginia Beach Restaurant Week next month, January 10-19, 2015. A record number of eateries are participating this year, nearly 90.

Dear Chefs, (This is For You) (and the people in your life)

Written by Chris Hill on .

They won’t understand you. They won’t. I know this, because I used to be on their side, stuck in a dead end office, working a shitty job, making decent pay. My family and friends were convinced I'd lost my mind when I gleefully leaped into the unknown abyss of cooking. I suppose they thought it was a phase I'd soon grow out of.

Greatest Fish Tacos Ever: Gringo's

Written by Ryan Miller on .

Nestled in a row between the old Icehouse Restaurant and the new Back Bay Brewing in the beach bungalow neighborhood of Shadowlawn, Gringo’s Taqueria has the makings and size of a humble beach shack.

Basic Knows Best: Why Pumpkin is So Good for Us

Written by Jocelyn Sidwell on .

The season for pumpkin in, well, everything, is in full swing. Hidden calories in those lattes, beers, breads and pies make pumpkin forgettable as a nutrient dense fruit. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and it is low in calories. Here are some reasons why you can be proud to eat this seasonal favorite.

Making an Art out of the Science of Beer: Smartmouth Turns Two

Written by Mark Harris on .

I admit it. I went to my scheduled appointment with the president of Smartmouth with preconceived notions. I was going to do a follow up story on the brewery in advance of their 2nd anniversary, and was meeting with Porter Hardy, IV, whose name, when combined with the knowledge that he came to craft brewing via lawyering, made me want to wear a tophat and monocle.

Welcome Home: Green Flash Swoops into Town

Written by jESiO on .

Nothing will make you feel better about losing out on something than gaining something just as good. Freshly bummed from Stone Brewing Co.’s decision to pass on opening a site here, in swoops San Diego-based Green Flash Brewing Co., hosting two back-to-back events on the site of their future East Coast hub in Virginia Beach.