Your New Hampton Roads Holiday Tradition: Dickens’ Christmas Towne

Written by Stephanie Harris on .

Many of us have holiday traditions. Some of my family’s traditions include baking cookies together each year, watching Elf, and visiting with friends and family. One year, we took our kids to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens thinking that we could make that a new tradition. We had a blast, spent way too much, and made magical memories that year. The problem with creating traditions is having the ability to fund them each year.

Nine Lessons and Carols: A Christmas Tradition More than 100 Years Old Comes to Norfolk

Written by Abigail Santmyer on .

Every year as the weather turns colder, at least one department store or radio station jumps the gun to pipe Christmas music through the speakers long before we’ve sat down to our Thanksgiving turkeys. This is to the delight of those who can’t get enough of the holiday, and for others, it’s as groan-inducing as seeing bathing suits hit the racks in March.

Reasons to Leave Your House: Thank You! Edition

Written by Stephanie Harris on .

With Thanksgiving here, we would like to thank everyone who reads, contributes, and supports AltDaily. A special thanks goes to all of our awesome local businesses, artists, activists, and citizens who make Hampton Roads a great place to live. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

I Think Comedy Can Save Us

Written by Riazul Islam on .

FM has been around for almost a year, since February 2014, and has already made a big name for their delicious food and their warm and welcoming atmosphere. Now they're adding laughter to the mix.