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Op-ed: A Call To Arms For Voters in Norfolk

Written by Chris Fellini.

Only 46,249 out of the 116,060 registered voters in Norfolk showed up vote in the last gubernatorial election. The 2014 mayoral election was even worse, with only 16,075 people bothering to show up (at 20,115, there are more undergraduates enrolled at ODU this year). The sad thing is that the build up to the presidential election is (and always will be) a better ratings generator than local politics, but individual votes matter so much more with local government.

I Date My Son: A Lovely Afternoon in NOCO & Ghent with My Best Guy

Written by Holly Christopher.

I date my son. Yes, yes I do. We have been going steady since he was born. No matter when, it’s always called Date Night. Jack has been my New Year’s Eve date, my birthday date, and my Sunday brunch date. We’ve been to nearly every festival in Norfolk (not just ones for kids). We spend afternoons scheming and committing random acts of kindness around town.