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Basic Knows Best: Why Pumpkin is So Good for Us

Written by Jocelyn Sidwell.

The season for pumpkin in, well, everything, is in full swing. Hidden calories in those lattes, beers, breads and pies make pumpkin forgettable as a nutrient dense fruit. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and it is low in calories. Here are some reasons why you can be proud to eat this seasonal favorite.

Animals in Costumes, As Nature Intended

Written by AltDaily.

There's nothing a poor defenseless animal loves more than to be put in a costume. Here are some local pets that make us smile for daysssss. Happy Halloween! 

Dreams of 35th Street: Opening Nite

Written by Brittany Slay.

35th Street gave me a weird impression the first time I saw it back in 2012 after moving to the area. It seemed to have a lot of history, but looked like it needed a lot of love. I remember the driving around the area, looking for a place to live, and picturing what it might have looked like fifty years ago.

Norfolk Attempts to Make Up for Its "Footloose" Past

Written by Release.

Norfolk City Council approved a new special event permit which provides an opportunity for private businesses to host public parties in a safe environment. A team of city staff and business owners developed the permit after public safety issues arose at several holiday parties last year.

Finding Beauty Among the Dead: Cemeteriescape Exhibit

Written by Joe Sleeper.

I first found out about the NSCC when I went on a twilight tour of Elmwood Cemetery. I was fascinated and drawn in by the amazing amount of things that can be learned there, and by how beautiful it is. I was disappointed by the fact that there are folks who would want to vandalize our old treasures that cannot be replaced.