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IYRTP: Good People Doing Good Things in Hampton Roads

Written by Mike Rau.

This week, instead of the usual, I want to focus on some stories about good people doing good things, and since the Pilot has taken the time to share these nice stories about people in our community, I’d like to make sure you get a chance to read them, too.

Denbigh: A Hidden Foodie Heaven in Newport News

Written by David Paul Kleinman.

The pinch isn’t whether you can plan a culinary tour of Denbigh, but whether you can work every delicious spot into your jaunt and whether the cops will treat you kindly when you're passed out in the middle of Warwick Boulevard with a belly full of food.

Reasons to Leave Your House: July 4th Fire Workin' it Edition

Written by Stephanie Harris.


5-7pm: Start your long weekend off right with the wild creatives of NFK at the NEON District Happy Hour at Work | Releasee. It's also a 50/50 raffle fundraiser for The Joy Fund, so help a good cause and maybe leave with a pocketful of cash. 

6-9pm: Enjoy the Bonfire on the River Summer Concert Series with the fam.

6pm: Batter-up, Batman! It is Superhero Night at Harbor Park with Tidewater Comicon. Enjoy baseball, free comic books, and cosplayers.

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6-10pm: Slapnation will be at Thursdays by the Lake at the Mariners’ Museum & Park.

Give it to Me Fresh: A Guide to the Farm Markets of Hampton Roads

Written by Melissa Baumann.

Truth: If every family in Hampton Roads spent just $10 a week on local food, $384.2 million dollars would be funneled back into our local economy - that’s a lot of cheddar. When you buy from farm markets, you’re putting that money right back into the hands of family farmers, local watermen and mom and pop businesses. They will, in turn, take it right back and plant it in the community we all share.

Max Shapiro: Welcome to 1984

Written by Max Shapiro.

Don't forget to read rule #2

IYRTP - Welcome to 1984


No, I’m not talking about the album, but if the forces of political correctness and the supporters of the right to not ever be offended have their way, the Van Halen album may replace 2+2=5 as the the first thing that comes to mind when that fateful year is mentioned. Let us now take a walk into the Ministry of Truth where the media and historical revisionists are hard at work deleting this country’s history under the guise of removing any evidence of traumatic experiences and historical context from the public consciousness.