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Being the Best She Can Be as a Transgender Vet

Written by Kirsten Bokenkamp.

Early in her career with the U.S. Navy, as Donna was learning more about what it meant to be transgender, it became crystal clear that if she tried to seek support and the Navy learned of that, then her military career would be over. 25 years later, after retiring, Hampton Roads resident Donna Price made one of the hardest - and liberating - decisions of her life when she started the transition process to living fully as a woman.

10 Unbeatable Downtown Norfolk Restaurants

Written by Mira Roberts.

There you are, new to town and just cozying into your swanky, downtown neighborhood when-bam-hunger strikes. True, you can't walk a block downtown without bumping into your new favorite restaurant and/or hangout, but we know you like the scoop in advance. And you want THE BEST.

Norfolk's Fabulous Neighborhoods: Villa Heights

Written by Alan Jelercic.

Villa Heights is a tiny pocket of a neighborhood.

Its banks are on the Lafayette with the farthest edge of the Zoo in its vista. Its main arteries, which also work as boundaries, are Church Street and 26th street, which offer very modest commercial ventures.

Steve Earle Comes Home (Kind Of) For “Stories” Tour

Written by Jim Roberts.

When Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin take the stage Thursday night at the Sandler Center, it will be Colvin’s second time in Hampton Roads since April, when she headlined the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival. For Earle, it will be his first time in the area since 2001—and his first time ever playing Virginia Beach.