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Tour of a Haunted House: We Never Sleep

Written by 757Electronica.

“I don’t think anyone around here knows who I am.”

A statement from JD of We Never Sleep that while conducting our interview on the 20th of April at first struck me as a polite attempt at humility and then upon a bit of reflection annoyed me as a local music lover.

Fly Me To The Moon In Norfolk

Written by Laura M. Oliver.

This weekend Town Point Park will be filled with artwork, performances, puppets, wine, and several “Chose Your Own Adventure” type journeys. And while Ol’ Blue Eyes won’t be crooning, if you look closely you might catch a glimpse of The Bard.

Op-ed: Because Clara deserves to have two legal parents

Written by Ali Mislowsky.

Together, Jenny and Melinda – who have been in a committed relationship for nearly a decade - are moms to two-year-old Clara. Both have changed Clara’s diapers, soothed her to sleep, watched her learn to walk and talk, and loved her unconditionally since she was born. But according to Virginia law, Jenny is her only parent.