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My Favorite Local Yoga Studio: The Yoga Room

Written by Stacie Sundt .

My favorite yoga studio is The Yoga Room, located on Colley Avenue in Norfolk's Ghent neighborhood. For nearly four years, I have literally spent hundreds of hours here. Although the location has evolved over time, the theme remains the same - a kind, loving, encouraging place to practice yoga. 

Washed Out: More than just Portlandia’s Theme Song

Written by Alison Burdick.

Washed Out. If you haven’t heard of them, chances are you’ve heard their music in the background of your life (especially if you’re a fan of IFC network’s Portlandia) and just never realized whom it was playing the pleasant, dreamy, yet danceable tune.

Why Macarons Are the New Cupcakes

Written by Morgan Stroyeck.

Recently in the dessert world cupcakes have enjoyed a resurgence, garnering a reputation as the superior sweet—bypassing their large, cumbersome cousin Birthday Cake as the go-to baked good.