Light Rain/Windy


Light Rain/Windy

Humidity: 87%

Wind: 28 mph

Local Review: Sesame Street Live's "Make a New Friend"

Written by Penny Neef.

Thanks Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend and the Ted Constant Convocation Center at ODU for not disappointing about a thousand toddlers and their parents this morning. The rain was pouring, the streets were flooding, but the show must go on.

Op-ed: The Truth is, Planned Parenthood Saves Lives

Written by Erin Cook.

For months now, Planned Parenthood seemed inescapable--not only in the news but all over Facebook in the form of memes with pictures of aborted fetuses and tiny premature babies, usually following a Biblical quote--the perils of having conservative friends on Facebook.

Don’t Let Joaquin Win: Go See The Little Mermaid

Written by Evan Lambert.

As Hurricane Joaquin gleefully threatens to screw up the Middle Atlantic this weekend — much like how Joaquin Phoenix screwed up all of Rome in Gladiator or how Scarlett Johansson’s voice screwed up Joaquin Phoenix’s delicate hipster heart in Her — you should totally make plans to mentally and physically escape this weekend’s rain, flooding, and general wetness by seeing The Little Mermaid at Sandler Center, which will be set underwater. The musical will also be set underwater.

Open Letter: Why I'm Running for Norfolk City Council

Written by Andria McClellan.

Like so many of you, I love Norfolk. I love our history, our diversity, our unique neighborhoods and our urban core. I love being able to walk or ride my bike to schools, shops, restaurants, cultural events, and places of worship.  Norfolk is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family. That’s why my family chose to move to Norfolk more than a decade ago, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Field Trip! Back to School at the Zoo

Written by Jesse Scaccia.

On behalf of all children (and former children) in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I beseech you, dear teachers, school administrators, and home school instructors, bring the kids to Virginia Zoo for an educational field trip.


If you've never taught in front of a live elephant before, the time has come today!