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These riffs! These solos!? Moutheater @ The Parlor

Written by Ryan Stoner.

You know how in school you’d get assigned some project and think “Oh man, I’m gonna go home and plan and work on this a little bit every weekend and just totally crush this thing,” then inevitably the night before it was due you realized you hadn’t done any of that shit, so you have to cram all of your awesome ideas into the eight hours before Ms. Stephens’s class starts, and half of them don’t work out, and the rest are rushed and look kind of like garbage and “Oh God, I just hope I get a C on this?”

Frood: Unapologetically Pop

Written by Aaron R. Johnson.

Frood exists. They really do. A band that not only refutes today’s standard of constantly drowning the bar for the lowest common denominator, but takes that bar and breaks it into two to make a nice pair of drumsticks.

Pure Barre Life, Norfolk Edition

Written by Christina René Bishop.

10:47 on a Saturday night, I am awake, exhausted and yet rather engrossed in perusing the internet’s offerings of skintight, exotically patterned gym tights. Earlier this evening I refused an outing of dancing until the wee hours with some lovely girlfriends, in favor of staying in with my dog because, let’s face it, 10:47 is about 47 minutes past my late night bedtime.

Farm to Fork 2014

Written by Release.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads will host 4th annual Farm to Fork local food celebration on Sunday, September 21st from 3-6pm at the Virginia Tech Agricultural Research and Extension Center.