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IYRTP: Finding Peace with Confederate Symbolism

Written by Mike Rau.

This week, I want to focus on one topic about which the Pilot has published several stories and editorials. The subject is symbolism and the Confederacy. I really hope we can all come together and find some common ground and compromise, finally leading to peace amongst ourselves, but it will require rational thought by all parties involved.

Reasons to Leave Your House: Take PRIDE and Party On, Wayne Edition

Written by Stephanie Harris.


5pm: Kansas City is coming to Norfolk for the Boulevard Brewing Company Pint Night at The Public House. Come celebrate KC style.

6-9pm: No, this is not a Skittles commercial. But, you can Taste the Rainbow at O’Connor Brewing Company as a part of PrideWeek.

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5:30-9pm: Sway to the music of The Michael Clark band featuring Tracy Clark at Sunsets on the River on the grounds of the beautiful Hermitage Museum and Gardens.

The Love You Make: A Review of Paul McCartney at Firefly

Written by Jesse Scaccia.

Back in junior high and high school The White Album was the Bible to my friend Mike Fish and I. It taught you everything you needed to know about life. It taught us how to make it in a marriage (sing Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da), how to make it through a fight with someone you care about (see the love there that's sleeping), how to be a good son (sing a song of love), how to fuck (do it in the road), how to fight for love (burst in stinking of gin), how to deal with the blues (remember you're of the universe), and even how to have a revolution (free your mind instead).

IYRTP: Terry Mac vs the Confederate Flag

Written by Christopher O'Brien.

It’s hotter ‘n heckfire out there kids, so Chris and Laura are here once again to battle the demons living in your newspaper and your computer, including: the Confederate flag, actual demon The Devil, his dark minions in the pit of despair we mortals call Missouri, and, in unrelated, non-demon news, Sweet Briar College, and of course Taylor Swift. Roll it!